“UV DTF AB Paper: A Revolution in Direct Film Printing” -MAXDTF- Calcomanía PET UV DTF from China, Adhesive UV DTF Transfer Paper for Mayor Made in China

The world of printing is vast and constantly evolving, with new techniques and technologies continually emerging. One of those advances that is causing a sensation is AB UV DTF (Ultraviolet Direct To Film) paper. This method combines the capabilities of UV printing with the DTF technique. In this blog post, we will delve into UV DTF AB paper and explore its benefits and applications.

Understanding UV DTF AB Paper

To understand the concept of UV DTF AB paper, it is first essential to understand its components:

UV Printing: This method uses ultraviolet lights to dry or cure the ink as it is printed. Because UV lights immediately cure printed ink, printing results are sharp, vibrant, and resistant to smudges or other forms of wear.

DTF (Direct-To-Film): A relatively new printing technology, DTF involves printing designs directly onto film, which is then heat transferred to various substrates, such as fabrics. “AB paper” refers to a two-layer system consisting of film A and paper B (also known as adhesive powder layer).

Benefits of UV DTF AB Paper

Instant curing: Thanks to the UV component, the ink dries instantly. This reduces waiting times, ensures clearer designs and eliminates the risk of stains.

Versatility: DTF AB UV paper can be used on a wide range of surfaces, from textiles and leather to ceramics and wood. This flexibility opens the door to various applications and products.

Durability: The combination of UV curing and DTF transfer ensures long-lasting, fade- and wear-resistant prints.

Environmentally friendly: UV inks are generally more environmentally friendly compared to solvent-based inks. They contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and require less energy to cure.


Thanks to its versatile and efficient nature, UV DTF AB paper can be used for:

Fashion and Apparel: From t-shirts and hoodies to tote bags and hats, this method can create vibrant, long-lasting designs on various textiles.

Home decor – think cushion covers, curtains or even tables. The possibilities are endless!

Gifts: Personalized gifts like mugs, photo frames, or phone cases are just a few examples.

Commercial use: to produce merchandise, branded materials or even interior decoration items for companies.


UV DTF AB paper is an exciting combination of proven UV printing technology and the emerging DTF method. It promises a future in which printing will be faster, more durable, versatile and environmentally friendly. Whether you are a business owner, designer or consumer, it is a technique worth paying attention to in the printing industry.

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