Our Philosophy

Welcome to MAXDTF – Haining Comax New Material Co., Ltd., a leading DTF Film Roll manufacturer. We have been in the industry for more than ten years and have built a strong reputation for producing high-quality DTF Materials that meet the needs of our diverse customer base.

Our Believe

We believe in the DTF Transfer Technology transformative power of innovation and dedication. By continually challenging the status quo and striving for excellence, we aim to redefine industry standards. Our belief is rooted in the conviction that through creativity and Direct to Film technological advancement, we can provide superior solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. This belief drives us to pursue excellence in every aspect of our business, ensuring that we deliver unmatched value and quality to our customers and stakeholders.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to sustainability, quality, and customer satisfaction. We pledge to conduct our Digital Textiles Printing business responsibly, with an unwavering focus on environmental stewardship, ethical practices, and community engagement. By prioritizing high-quality DTF Materials products and services, we ensure reliability and durability, reducing the environmental footprint and promoting a sustainable future. Our dedication to excellence and customer-centric approach underpins our commitment to building lasting relationships and making a positive impact on society and the planet.

Our Goal

Our goal is to lead by example, setting new benchmarks for innovation, quality, and sustainability in our industry. We aim to inspire others by demonstrating that Digital Clothing Printing business success can be achieved through a balance of economic, social, and environmental responsibility. Our vision extends beyond financial success; we aspire to create a legacy of positive change, fostering a future where businesses contribute to the well-being of communities and the environment. By achieving our goal, we hope to inspire a movement towards a more sustainable and equitable global economy.