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Classic DTF Film

Classic DTF (Direct to Film) Film is a specialized film for fabric printing, known for its ability to transfer detailed, vibrant designs onto various textiles. It’s widely appreciated for its durability, color fastness, and versatility in printing complex graphics on clothing and other fabric items.

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Metallic Golden DTF Film

“Dazzle your clients with our Golden DTF Film. This product delivers a luxurious golden sheen, adding a royal touch to your prints. Crafted for those seeking to infuse elegance and prestige in their projects, our Golden DTF Film promises rich, vibrant colors with a unique golden finish. Experience the golden standard in printing with our Golden DTF Film.”

Performance dTF Film

Performance DTF Film is a high-quality, specialized film designed for durability in fabric printing, particularly suited for active and sportswear. It offers resistance to wear, stretching, and washing, ensuring that colors remain vibrant and details sharp. This film is ideal for garments in demanding sports environments, maintaining a professional finish through rigorous use. Its robust nature makes it a preferred choice for quality fabric printing, blending style and resilience for active lifestyles.

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What Customer Are Saying?

“We have been using the DTF transfer film manufactured by MAXDTF for years and have been consistently impressed with the quality. The films are easy to use, reliable, and provide excellent results.”

Christopher Whites

Purchase Manager

“MAXDTF has consistently provided excellent products and customer service. Their DTF transfer films are high quality and reliable, making our production process much easier.”

Abigail Elizabeth