DTF Fluorescent Ink Magenta Color

    The printing industry has seen a significant revolution with the introduction of DTF Fluorescent Ink in a striking magenta color. This specialized ink is designed for Direct to Film (DTF) printing, a technique that allows for high-quality, durable prints on various textiles. The magenta fluorescent ink stands out for its vibrant and luminous hue, capable of creating eye-catching designs that glow under UV light. Ideal for fashion, sportswear, and promotional items, this ink ensures that colors remain vivid and crisp even after multiple washes. The ink’s compatibility with a wide range of fabrics and its eco-friendly composition make it a popular choice for both commercial and personal printing projects. As the demand for unique and customizable textile prints grows, DTF Fluorescent Ink in magenta is set to become a staple in creative and innovative printing solutions.

    Weight 23 kg
    Dimensions 46 × 37 × 24 cm
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