DTF Ink Black Color

    In the realm of printing technology, DTF (Direct to Film) Ink Black Color stands out for its exceptional quality and versatility. This specialized ink, designed for use in Direct to Film printing processes, offers a deep, rich black that is essential for high-contrast designs. Its formulation ensures strong adhesion to a variety of fabrics, making it ideal for creating durable, vibrant prints on clothing and accessories. Additionally, DTF Ink Black Color boasts excellent washability, retaining its depth and saturation even after multiple wash cycles. Its compatibility with different types of films and printers makes it a go-to choice for professionals seeking precision and longevity in their prints. As an eco-friendly option, it’s increasingly favored in the sustainable printing industry. The depth and intensity of DTF Ink Black Color bring designs to life, making it a cornerstone in modern textile printing.

    Weight 23 kg
    Dimensions 46 × 37 × 24 cm
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