Thermo Sensitive DTF Sheet – 75μm Thermo Sensitive Single Side Coated DTF Transfer Film A4 Sheet Thermo Sensitive Finish


  • Item Name: Thermo Sensitive DTF Film in Sheet
  • Item Code: TS75HSSA4
  • Peeling: Cold Peel

    In the innovative world of textile printing, Thermo Sensitive DTF Sheets stand out as a revolutionary technology that has transformed the industry. These specialized sheets are designed to react to heat, making them ideal for direct-to-film (DTF) printing applications. Unlike traditional printing methods, Thermo Sensitive DTF Sheets offer unparalleled precision and quality, allowing for the transfer of vivid and detailed designs onto a wide range of fabrics. This technology not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of garments but also opens up new possibilities for customization and creativity in textile design. With their unique heat-sensitive properties, these sheets have become a go-to solution for designers and manufacturers looking to produce high-quality, durable prints.

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