Golden Glitter DTF Film Sheet – 75μm Golden Glitter DTF Transfer Film 16″*20″ Sheet Cold Peel


  • Item Name: Golden Glitter DTF PET Film in Sheet
  • Item Code: GGS75GS1620
  • Peeling: Cold Peel, Warm Peel

    The world of custom apparel and unique designs has been revolutionized by the introduction of Golden Glitter DTF (Direct to Film) Film Sheets. These sheets have transformed how designers and hobbyists bring vibrancy and sparkle to their creations. The allure of Golden Glitter DTF Film Sheets lies in their ability to adhere to various fabrics, enabling a seamless transfer of intricate golden glitter designs onto t-shirts, bags, and other textiles. This innovative technology ensures durability and brilliance, making every piece a standout. Whether for personal projects or commercial merchandise, these glitter film sheets offer an unmatched sparkle that elevates any item from ordinary to extraordinary.

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