Thermo Sensitive DTF Digital Film – 75μm Thermo Sensitive Single Side Coated DTF Transfer Film 0.80×100M Roll Thermo Sensitive Finish


  • Item Name: Thermo Sensitive DTF Film in Roll
  • Item Code: TS75HSR80
  • Peeling: Cold Peel

    In the realm of innovative printing technologies, Thermo Sensitive DTF Digital Film stands out as a groundbreaking solution. This unique medium transforms the way designers and printers approach fabric customization, allowing for detailed, vibrant designs on a wide range of textiles. The key feature of Thermo Sensitive DTF Digital Film is its temperature-responsive nature, enabling it to bond with the fabric under heat, creating durable and high-quality prints. This technology not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of garments and accessories but also offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional printing methods. As the demand for personalized and sustainable fashion continues to grow, the role of Thermo Sensitive DTF Digital Film in the industry becomes increasingly significant, promising a new era of creativity and environmental consciousness in textile design.

    Dimensions 82 × 17 × 17 cm
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