Rainbow Film for DTF – 75μm Single Side Coated DTF Transfer Film 1.20×100M Roll Rainbow Reflective Finish


  • Item Name: Rainbow Reflective DTF Film in Roll
  • Item Code: RR75RFTR120
  • Peeling: Cold Peel

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    Rainbow Film for DTF (Direct to Film) is revolutionizing the textile printing industry with its vibrant and versatile applications. This innovative material, specifically designed for DTF printing, allows for the transfer of highly detailed, multi-colored designs onto a variety of fabrics. Rainbow Film for DTF stands out due to its unique ability to reproduce a spectrum of colors with exceptional clarity and brightness, bringing designs to life with a dazzling, iridescent finish. Ideal for fashion designers and textile printers who are looking to add a distinctive flair to their creations, Rainbow Film for DTF ensures that every print is not just a design, but a statement piece. Its compatibility with various fabric types and resistance to fading and peeling makes it a reliable choice for high-quality, long-lasting prints. Whether it’s for creating custom apparel, home decor, or unique accessories, Rainbow Film for DTF offers endless possibilities for creativity and innovation in textile design.

    Dimensions 122 × 17 × 17 cm
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