Film for Silver Glitter DTF – 75μm Silver Glitter DTF Transfer Film 0.61×100M Roll Cold Peel


  • Item Name: Silver Glitter DTF Film in Roll
  • Item Code: SGS75GR61
  • Peeling: Cold Peel, Warm Peel

    In the niche of digital printing, the use of Film for Silver Glitter DTF has become a game-changer for designers looking to add a touch of sparkle to their creations. This specialized film for Silver Glitter DTF offers an unparalleled aesthetic, transforming ordinary designs into dazzling prints that captivate the eye. Ideal for fashion, accessories, and custom merchandise, its unique finish ensures that every piece stands out. Beyond its visual appeal, this film also promises durability and compatibility with a range of fabrics, making it a favorite among professionals and hobbyists alike. As the demand for personalized and standout items continues to grow, the role of this glitter film in the DTF printing landscape is undeniably significant, paving the way for innovative design possibilities.

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