DTF Paper-Based Heat Transfer Film – 105μm/85gsm DTF Paper 0.60×100M Roll Matte Finish Cold Peel


  • Item Name: DTF Paper in Roll
  • Item Code: DP105MR60
  • Peeling: Cold Peel

    DTF Paper-Based Heat Transfer Film is an industry-leading product changing the landscape of heat transfer and printing. Utilizing the latest technology enables the printing and transfer of vivid, high-quality designs onto a wide range of surfaces. Designed for easy use and durable results, our DTF Paper-Based Heat Transfer Film is the top choice for businesses, craft enthusiasts, and individuals seeking to materialize their artistic expressions with unparalleled precision and color vibrancy.

    Weight 5.7 kg
    Dimensions 66 × 15.5 × 15.5 cm
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    • Cotton, linen, polyester, and other ordinary fabrics 130~160°C / 266~320°F
    • Denim, canvas, and other heavy fabric 190° / 374°F
    • Treated leather <100°C / 212°F

    PRESS PERIOD 10~15 Seconds

    PRESSURE Medium-Heavy

    Ideal printing room: 15-35°C, 40-65% RH

    Before formal production, please print and transfer tests.

    • High Color Fidelity: Our DTF Transfer Paper offers unmatched vibrancy and color fidelity, allowing for the reproduction of designs with exceptional detail and rich, true-to-life colors.
    • Exceptional Durability: Prints made with our DTF Transfer Paper are highly resistant to fading, peeling, and cracking, ensuring they withstand the test of time and repeated washes.
    • Versatility: Our DTF Transfer Paper is highly versatile and compatible with a wide array of materials, including cotton, polyester, and blended fabrics, making it perfect for commercial and personal applications.
    • Ease of Use: With our DTF Transfer Paper, the printing process is simplified and user-friendly, leading to consistent and reliable results each time.
    • Efficient Production: DTF Transfer Paper allows for efficient mass production, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking to optimize their printing operations.
    • Environmentally Friendly: Our DTF Transfer Paper is made with sustainable practices in mind, making it a more eco-friendly choice in the printing industry.
    • Store material only in original packaging under normal climatic conditions (20-35°C, 40-60%RH).
    • Leave in protective packaging until ready to use. For the remaining material, please use plastic film to seal in time to prevent moisture.
    • The optimum use time is 6 months.


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