A3 Silver Glitter DTF Film Sheet – 75μm Silver Glitter DTF Transfer Film A3 Sheet Cold Peel


  • Item Name: Silver Glitter DTF Film in Sheet
  • Item Code: SGS75GSA3
  • Peeling: Cold Peel, Warm Peel

    In the world of personalized printing, the A3 Silver Glitter DTF Film Sheet stands out as a game-changer. This innovative medium combines the reliability of Direct to Film technology with the sparkle of silver glitter, offering a unique canvas for creativity. The A3 Silver Glitter DTF Film Sheet is perfect for those looking to elevate their custom apparel or merchandise with a touch of glamour. Whether it’s for fashion designers aiming to make a statement or businesses seeking to add some pizzazz to their promotional items, this glitter film sheet transforms ordinary designs into eye-catching masterpieces. Its compatibility with a range of fabrics ensures versatility, making it a must-have for anyone in the digital printing arena.

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